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Deluxe Rabbids Adult Costume

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Are you grateful for your position as a human in this world? Well, you really should be, especially if you've watched enough Rabbids! Those guys have it hard

In fact, chaos simply chases these nbsp Rabbids nbsp everywhere or we should say Rabbids nbsp chase chaos

Sure, being a nbsp Rabbid nbsp might not be easy if you're dressed up as the one you're sure to have better luck

Sure, they might be nbsp weirdly nbsp adorable with their nbsp bugged-out nbsp eyes and perfectly rounded ears but the basics of life just don't come easily to them! Even nbsp harassing nbsp poor nbsp Raymon nbsp doesn rsquo t come easy, after nbsp all nbsp their antics are always coming back to nip them. nbsp They say what comes up must come down but in the world of nbsp Rabbids nbsp whatever is coming down is coming down nbsp on one nbsp of nbsp the nbsp Rabbid's nbsp heads, poor bunnies. nbsp nbsp Whether you like to watch

The ensemble is topped off with a mask with an nbsp intensely nbsp manic expression on the molded plastic

The mouth has a wide smile and the eyes are shining with a passion to take over the world

The white and flesh colored jumpsuit is oversized with foot covers and nbsp attached mitt covers

They come nbsp unhinged pretty easily. nbsp Running out of eggs Ooh boy, better watch out! Dangerous chaos is about to ensue

They live and breathe chaos, in fact, they think chaos should rule the world! nbsp You will be ready to spread the pandemonium when you're dressed in this nbsp Rabbids nbsp jumpsuit

They seem to be following a long tradition of cartoon falling anvils and plummeting pianos, they don't need any witty dialogue to make everyone giggle